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All prices are in NZD


Due to COVID-19 there will be a longer wait time in receiving your I.D Tags. They come from the US and during the pandemic have to ship them in larger quantities. We will be in touch with you as soon as we here they have been shipped but please DON'T expect them in the usual time frame. You're order will go through as soon as you place it but they will be held until they have the appropriate amount to ship. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay safe and well.

If your pet becomes separated from you - so long as it has a CollarTag™ on its collar - you can be confident the finder will be able to contact you.


  • The text will remain legible for the life of the pet: UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED

  • They do not require a ring or hook
    (which will wear out in time)

  • They do not get caught on things
    (a safety feature)

  • They make no noise

  • They will not discolor your pet's coat

  • They do not get in the food dish

When choosing a CollarTag™ for your existing collar it is important to exercise care in determining the style required for the collar your pet wears.


There are two parameters: 1) Collar style and 2) collar width.

We have attempted to be very clear regarding which style CollarTag to order for a given collar, but if you are unsure please contact us and we will do our best to help you determine which size and style CollarTag you need for the collar your pet wears.

For tags that fit our collars, choose the Adjustable CollarTag.


These I.D. Tags come from the U.S.A. We order them once a month on the 15th  (If you order on the 15th or after you will go on the next months order). You will likely receive your tag by the end of the ordering month. We will email you when they arrive and have been sent to you.

Prices are FROM the prices above, the bigger the collar, the more expensive the I.D Tag

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