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Our sizing isn't like pet shops so its important to read through this sizing guide to help you choose the right product for your pet.

All of our sizing goes by width, not length, so when choosing a product it's best to measure the width of your current collar or lead and go from there. 

If you're not sure please get in touch.

Breed Guidelines:


Cat Collars

10mm wide

These are only for cats or rabbits, all the cat collars have safety clips on them so if you attach a lead the collar will pop apart.


Dog Collar/Lead

12.7mm wide 

Suitable for:
Chihuahua's, Papillion's, Pomeranian's, Toy Poodle's etc


Dog Collar/Lead

19mm wide 

(Collar pull strength 100kg)

Suitable for:
Mini Schnauzer's, Beagle's, Pug's, Jack Russel Terrier's, Bichon's, Shi Tzu's, Mini Poodles, Cavalier King Spaniel's etc

Dog Collar/Lead

25mm wide

(pull strength 140kg)

Suitable for:
Border Collie's, Labrador's, Staffordshire Bull Terrier's, Airedale Terrier's, Standard Poodle's, Visla's etc

Dog Collar

38mm wide 

(pull strength 180kg)

Suitable for:
Greyhound's, Bull Mastiff's, Bulldog's, Rottweiler's, Dogue du Bordeaux's etc

Leads for these breeds we recommend 25mm wide.

Please keep in mind that these are just a guidelines. Some personal preferences may be different than the breed recommendations above. 


Please also note that the wider the collar the stronger they are so if your dog is a lunger/strong puller probably best to go for a wider collar. 

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