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These I.D Tags come from the U.S.A. We order these tags once a month on the 15th. You will likely recieve your tag by the end of the ordering month. We will email you when they arrive and have been sent to you.


This style CollarTag is correct for Adjustable Length Collars that close with a clasp or snap type clip.  The collars we make and sell.


This CollarTag design will work on any single-ply nylon webbing, and we GUARANTEE they will not fall your pet's collar provided you order the appropriate size based on the width of the collar the pet you are ordering the tag for wears.


Please note the 10mm and 12.7mm wide tags are limited to 4 lines of info and each line is limited to 14 chars max. This includes spaces.


15mm, 19mm and 25mm wide tags can have up 5 lines of info. 1st Line: 14 chars max, 2nd Line: 18 chars max, 3rd Line: 20 chars max, 4th Line: 25 chars max and 5th Line: 20 + 2 chars max


Write out the tag info exactly how you want it to look on the tag.

    1. "Quotation" marks are only put around your pet's name if you enter them.
    2. All tags are engraved in uppercase characters.


Adjustable CollarTag™

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