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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled for a replacement or refund?

You are entitled for a replacement or a refund if the product:​​

  • Is broken due to a manufacturing mistake or a faulty component

  • Is not the product you ordered 

You unfortunately are not entitled for a replacement or refund if:

  • The product is damaged during general wear and tear 

  • The product has been chewed or scratched 

  • Your cat has lost its collar. The collars are intentionally equipped with safety clips that undo when caught to avoid the cat being harmed 

Please get in touch

My dog has chewed through it's collar but the components are fine - can you use the components to make a new collar?

Yes. We can create a new collar at a reduced price, depending on the damage.


Please get in touch

What makes these collars & leads higher quality?

At Bow Wow Boutique NZ we are committed in providing you with the best quality product.  We did our research on what "YOU" want in a dog product and we delivered. Rustproof, strong and something different.

Should I clean my dogs collar? If so, how?

Definitely. It is important to clean your dog’s collars if you wish to keep them in top condition. We recommend a cold gentle machine wash.   If you own more than one collar and switch them out regularly, they will last longer. 

How do I properly fit my Martingale Collar?

Slide the collar over your dogs head, bring the collar up to just behind their ears and pull the loop (where the lead attaches) tight.

If it is choking your dog when pulled, you have it too tight. If the dog can pull its head out of the collar when pulled tight, it's too loose.

When you release the loop, it should hang at the base of their neck nice and comfortably.

I have a puppy and want a collar that's going to grow with them. Is this possible?

Absolutely, we can make your puppy a collar so that the smallest size is their size then and you can double the size of the collar.

We usually recommend waiting until the 4month old mark to do this as it should fit them then and when they are fully grown (this has been the experience with most breeds including large breed dogs).

Please get in touch to order a puppy collar.

Do you sell wholesale to retailers or companies?

Absolutely, we do. We happily sell our collars and leads at a wholesale rate when the minimum order quantity of 10 products are purchased. For some items we do not provide a wholesale rate.

Please get in touch to discuss.

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