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What Does Custom Mean?

You get to design what goes on your collar, lead or bandana.

You tell us exactly what you want (pictures, words, colours, fonts etc) and we make a mock design up for you.

Once the design has been confirmed by you, we will give the final price and you will let us know to go ahead. 

How Much Will it Cost?


Standard Collars:

Cat Collars from $26.50

12.7mm Wide Dog Collars from $31.00

15mm Wide Dog Collars from $35.50

19mm Wide Dog Collars from $37.50

25mm Wide Dog Collars from $44.50    38mm Wide Dog Collars from $56.00


Martingale Collars:

19mm Wide Martingales from $46.50

25mm Wide Martingales from $51.50

38mm Wide “Greyhound” Martingales from $55.00

38mm Wide “XL” Martingales from $62.50

Standard Leads:

12.7mm Wide Leads from $47.50

19mm Wide Leads from $52.50

25mm Wide Leads from $57.50



(these are double sided, meaning different designs on each side)

Small Bandana from $23

Medium Bandana from $26

Large Bandana from $29


Small from $27

(diameter: 15cm  height: 5.5cm)

Large from $32

(diameter: 18cm  height: 7cm)


​**Please note the designs shown above are not to be replicated.

    If you want your pet cartoonerized click here to find out more.

Need Inspiration? 

Check out some mock ups we made here. You can choose from any of these how they are or you can make them your own by changing colours, adding or removing pictures or even adding your pets name.

Get In Touch

Thanks for submitting!


  • Once the design has been confirmed and paid for you will not be able to change the design as the printing process will have started. 

  • Please also be aware different computers display colours differently. The actual printed products colour may vary slightly from the images.

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