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How Long Will they Take to Make?

Our turn around rate at this point is 2 days, however this may be longer depending on how many orders we are doing at that point in time.

As usual we do our best to get everything made as quickly as possible.

How Private Will My Designs Be?

Very private, we will not post photos on any social media of your design or completed product/s so your design stays your design, unless you have given us permission to do so.

However, you are more than welcome to share your own photos.

Will You Resell My Design?

No, we will only make enough for whatever you purchase, no more no less.

How Can I Keep the Price Down?

If you send us everything you want (down to the letter), the less time it will take us to design, thus keeping the price down. 

Send through the exact colour/s, font, wording or pictures you want used and where you want them on the ribbon.

So, try and have a plan beforehand, this will help loads.

The more information you give us, the better the design will be to what you are envisioning. 

Are You Only Doing Custom Designs From Now On?

Not at all, we will still be doing our “normal” stock plus still getting in new ribbons.

We will still be at the markets and events with these.

This just gives you an option to do something different.

Own A Business?

We can put your logo on different products and depending on quantity you may be eligible for reduced rates.

Please email us to discuss options with us. We can give you a rough estimate on pricing then. 

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