Cat Collar Star Wars

This is a pre-made collar and it's measurments are 18cm - 27cm.

Please ensure that this will fit your cats neck before purchasing as it CANNOT be returned if it doesn't fit or you change your mind. So please choose carefully. 


This cat collar is armed with a safety clip, so it will pop apart with pressure ensuring your cats safety when climbing!


It is a stiffer collar than we usually make. It's a bit coarser so please keep this in mind.


Cat Collar Star Wars

$16.00 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
  • Ribbon

    There is a coating of sealant on this collar to help keep the ribbon intact and looking better for longer, this does mean however that when scratched white marks may appear on the ribbon. These are easily removed with a flame (lighter) going backwards and forwards over the marks. 


  • Colours

    We have done our best to take photos of the true colours of the products but please be aware that different computers display colors differently. The actual color may vary slightlyfrom the images.