38mm Wide Multi Coloured Stars Martingale Dog Collar

This super cute dog collar is perfect for the most sophisticated dog. 


Please measure the smallest part of your dogs neck (usually up behind their ears), as these collars are a standard size to fit Whippets and Greyhounds.


Whippet Size: smallest neck measurement between 19cm - 31cm

Greyhound Size: smallest neck measurement between 23.5cm-40cm.


A martingale collar is a fantastic choice of collar for dogs who slip out of normal collars, dogs who have necks bigger than their heads or dogs who have thick lower necks and skinny upper necks.  Breeds these collars are good for: Whippets, Lurchers, Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds etc.


They slide over your dogs head and when on lead they tighten to behind their ears so they can't slip out of them (as long as they are fitted correctly).



To fit them correctly place on your dogs neck, bring the collar up to behind their ears and pull the loop (where the lead attaches) if it can come off their head then it is too loose, if it is strangling them it is too tight.


If you're not sure of sizing please check out our Gallery of 38mm Wide Products or cut a strip of paper to 38mm wide and place it around your dog's neck.

38mm Wide Multi Coloured Stars Martingale Dog Collar

  • Ribbon

    There is a coating of sealant on this collar to help keep the ribbon intact and looking better for longer, this does mean however that when scratched white marks may appear on the ribbon. These are easily removed with a flame (lighter) going backwards and forwards over the marks. 


  • Neck Measurement Info

    Please measure the SMALLEST PART of your dog's neck so I can make it the perfect size for your pooch. There will be adjustability (bigger and smaller) when made.


    If your dog's neck size isn't in the drop down box then potentially you are looking at the wrong product. If you are certain this is the product you want please contact us.

  • Colours

    We have done our best to take photos of the true colours of the products but please be aware that different computers display colors differently. The actual color may vary slightly from the images.

  • What is the "Backing" Colour?

    The Backing is underside of the collar or lead. The ribbon (design) is sewn onto the backing which is a heavy duty webbing ensuring that the product is durable.

    The Backing colour can effect the apperance of the collar as for some of the designs the Backing creates a solid colour border for the image at the top and bottom.
    If you can't see the border then that means the ribbon is the same size as the backing.